Praise for Carol Weakland

 “Weakland’s ability to condense a full length novel into a lucid one act “play,” and to act the part of the heroine as well as assuming the roles of the other characters, is nothing short of amazing.”                  — Wheeling News Register


 Weakland is the quintessential Emily (Dickinson). She is quite simply superb.”

 -Intermission Magazine



 “Thank you for the spellbinding performance of Jane Eyre!”

      -Staff of Fellows Riverside Gardens

 tof screw 014


(The Turn of the Screw) was extraordinary. Deliciously chilling for Halloween.”

      -The  Tourist Club


“Your “Belle” received the greatest response of all of our programs.”

      -Friends of the Youngstown Library

 Emily Dickinson in "The Belle of Amherst"Emily Dickinson in "The Belle of Amherst"

“Wonderful Performance!”

      -Night at the Library, Cleveland Public Library

“As usual, your performance was wonderful. Thank you for making our anniversary celebration so special.”

      -American Business Woman’s Association, Tri Gold Chapter

Lizzy with letter

 “Thank you for a wonderful performance of “Pride and Prejudice.”  It was a tour de force!  You are amazing in your plays!”

     -Loretta Liptak, Friends of the Boardman Library

“It (The Scarlet Letter) was so real.  I really felt like I was there.”

     –Friends of the Poland Library

“Thank you so much for gracing us with such a wonderful performance.  We truly enjoyed it!”

     -Lita Hutchison, East Liverpool and Calcutta Garden Society


Here is what some audience members said about Carol’s performance in “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” at the Altrusa Club fundraiser:

     “Mesmerizing.  You could have heard a pin drop.”

Carol Weakland’s amazing one-woman performance of “The Cricket on the Hearth” at Turkana Hills was an excellent way to celebrate the holiday season. Using different voices and gestures, Weakland was able to bring the story to life without elaborate props or costumes, creating a new perspective for one of Charles Dickens’ lesser-known Christmas tales. Weakland has truly managed to generate new interest in the art of story-telling.

     – Jen Matsick, The East Liverpool Review

The Cricket on the Hearth, The East Liverpool Review

“Weakland’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ is a daunting adaptation told from Cathy’s point of view. A triumph of the heart!”

      – staff of The Historic Fairfax Courthouse

Wuthering Heights

Here are comments left by Mrs. Nord and the students of Boardman High School regarding a recent performance of “The Scarlet Letter”

“Thank you so much for such a terrific performance!  My AP students really enjoyed examining The Scarlet Letter from Hester’s point of view.

“She kept Hawthorne’s way of speaking, and it seemed like the book was speaking in real life.”

“Carol Weakland did an outstanding job of portraying the faint line between love and hate in The Scarlet Letter.”

The Scarlet Letter

“A magical reimaging of Arthurian Legend. ‘Morgen of Avalon truly is a classic love story for all time. Weakland’s performance is nothing short of superb!”

     – The Lyceum

Morgen of Avalon

8 replies on “Praise for Carol Weakland”

  1. Mary says:

    1. Mary Chiovitti Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 12:12 pm
    Hello, Carol! I caught your performance “Pride and Prejudice” at Boardman LIbrary this morning and want you to know how much I enjoyed it! You were wonderful ! No easy feat, the script, the accent, the characters, the mood, the charm, excellent capture of the period with so little space/props/etc! I hope to catch other performances! Do you have a mailing list? Please add me on it , if you do! Thank you!

  2. Regan says:

    2. Regan Fairfax Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 12:36 pm
    Fabulous performance of Jane Eyre at the Historical Society! Hope to catch Morgen of Avalon soon — and to read the novel!
    R. Fairfax

  3. Joe says:

    Joe Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 1:32 pm
    Hey Carol!!! I love your website!!! I wanted to see “Cricket On The Hearth” but the holidays just kept us so busy!!! I hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!!! Hope to see you soon!!! – Joe A.

  4. Hung Murrain says:

    Awesome writing style!

  5. Cari Marshall says:

    Dear Ms. Weakland;

    We met you last year at the cultural arts performance in Boardman at the Georgetown. We were at the head table and spoke to you about my son’s English class reading The Scarlet Letter in high school. They just started it and Mickey reminded me about seeing your rendition and how much he enjoyed it.

    We would like for his teacher’s two honors classes to see it.

    Do you by chance sell DVD of your performances? Could I get one for next week?

    I am sending Mrs. Nord one of your cards and offering to pay for you to come if she is amenable. If I had been more on the ball, we would have had this arranged for their last week before break so that they didn’t have to watch the old video in class.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Cari Marshall

  6. Ester says:

    congratulations for all the success of the website, it’s growing up every day.

  7. Greetings, I am really amazed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog.

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