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Book 1 in the Magical Beings' Series

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Winner of the Silver Medal for Best Children's Visionary Book at the COVR Visionary Awards.  THE DRAGON'S BREATH BOOK is perfect for your children,  grandchildren, and anyone young at heart to experience the special magic that awaits inside a dragon’s breath. Ask for the Ascension Special at

As always the ebook is on sale for 99 cents! : the dragon's breath book by carol weakland    

Secrets of the Flower Fairies
Book 2 in the Magical Beings' Series

Secrets of the Flower Fairies.
My Award-winning children's picture book about Fairies, the Guardians of Nature.  Every Flower has a secret. Can you guess what it might be? Inside each delicate blossom lives a beautiful Fairy.  Flower Fairies share their gifts with the world. What are your special gifts? Winner of Best Children's Book, Silver Medal at the COVR Awards $9.99

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The Morgen of Avalon Series:
Book One: Dreamspell

She was King Arthur's Healer, His Love, the Fairy Queen destined to help him create a peaceful Britannia...

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Morgen of Avalon e-book 99 cents!

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The Morgen saga continues...

Arthur offers Morgen's daughter Eliana, Avalon's Faerie Princess, as a bride for the Saxon Prince to unite the warring tribes. This book weaves in the magic of Avalon, the glory of Camelot and the Lady of Shallott. 

Book 3

Morgen of Avalon: Epiphany!
Book 3
As Mordred, the Saxons and a host of enemies threaten Britannia, Morgen sets a spell in motion that will remove Avalon into the Faerie Realm. Will this be enough to save Arthur, save Britannia? This final book in the series focuses on the ascension of Avalon. $12.12!
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Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell - Unknown Artist
Audio Book! Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell is now an audio book narrated by author Carol Weakland. The left button will provide a download of the audio book to your device. The right option links you to the page for purchase.  This price stays the same  A 5 minute sample is available to your right. Please click on the icon.
Land of the Twilight Mist

Land of the Twilight Mist e-book

Young Diana Sherwood undertakes a quest to save the earthbound angels imprisoned by a curse.  Suitable for ages 10 years and older. $10.00

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Audio Book $5.55!

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The Adventures of Maid Marian, Healer of Sherwood Forest 
Maid Marian as you have never seen her before in a world of magic, healing and Fairies.  A triumphant healing of the inner child! 

E-book 99cents.


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