My new children's picture book teaches about flower fairies and how they are sent by the great creator to be a guardian to an animal, plant or tree. each flower has a special gift to share with the world. What are your special gifts?

Secrets of the Flower Fairies Visionary Audio Book

Coming soon! The Dragon's Breath Book by Carol weakland

Morgen of Avalon Book Trailer 

Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell

Morgen of Avalon:

She was King Arthur's healer,

His Love,

The Faerie Queen destined to help him create a peaceful Britannia.

And so, Avalon's brightest treasure became human...


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Audio Book! Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell is now an audio book narrated by author Carol Weakland The left button will provide a download of the audio book to your device. The right option links you to the page for purchase.  A 5 minute sample is available to your right. Please click on the icon.
Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell - Unknown Artist
Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny (Book 2)

The Morgen saga continues...

Arthur offers Morgen's daughter Eliana, Avalon's Faerie Princess, as a bride for the Saxon Prince to unite the lands. This book weaves in the magic of Avalon, the glory of Camelot and the Lady of Shallott.

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Morgen of Avalon: Epiphany!
Book 3
As Mordred, the Saxons and a host of enemies threaten Britannia, Morgen sets a spell in motion that will remove Avalon into the Faerie Realm. Will this be enough to save Arthur, save Britannia? This final book in the series focuses on the magic of the Holy Grail and Ascension.
Land of the Twilight Mist

Young Diana Sherwood undertakes a quest to save the earthbound angels imprisoned by a curse.  Suitable for ages 10 years and older

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Lady Marian Fitzwater is something of an oddity. Yes, she is beautiful, titled and kind; but her tastes are far different from most young ladies of Nottingham. Often, she is found healing the poor, soiling her fine gowns with blood of the forgotten. Some Nobles hiss that she is a witch who uses fairy magic. This is somewhat true. Marian does work with fairies, but her healing abilities stem from tried and true methods handed down by her mother...or so she believes... After the death of her parents, Marian finds she cannot pay the taxes on the vast Fitzwater estate. Desperate, she is about to accept a marriage proposal from Nottingham’s esteemed Sheriff when her childhood sweetheart, the notorious Robin Hood, appears. Suddenly, Marian finds herself fleeing the law. The story that follows is a magical romp through Sherwood Forest told from Marian's point of view. Although Marian appears pure as the driven snow, she is magical to the core. It simply takes Robin, a life on the run and a host of fairies to help her realize this. Marian grows from the traditional damsel in distress to a self-sufficient young lady , who not only heals those in need, but also saves them with delightfully clever schemes. Based upon my one woman show, "The Adventures of Maid Marian."

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