I would like more information about these healing sessions! 

Sacred Avalon Healing Sessions

Avesa Quantum Healing Session

In Person or Distance Healings

Atlantean Healing Chamber Session

Avesa is an ancient healing practice that utilizes the power of Crystalline Pyramids and Egyptian Healing Rods to offer alignment with one's soul energy and promotes harmony and balance within one's life!

An ancient technique facilitated by an Avesa Quantum Healer using crystals, pyramids, Egyptian healing rods and other tools.  While in the chamber you are reconnected to your Soul through an inter-dimensional portal of light where energy and intention flow freely. Here you may experience your soul vibration. This consists of 2 sessions in a 24 hour period.  Contact Carol for more info. at carolweakland0706@gmail.com

Reiki Session

A Traditional Reiki session brings about a beautiful balancing of the chakras and facilitates a sense of well being in heart, mind, body and spirit. 1 hour session $44.00