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 Healing and Clearing Sessions

 Special:    J-Seal Removal with 
the Arch Angels

Do you feel like something keeps you from fulfilling your goals and dreams? Do you feel like you are blocked from living your best life? Everyone has J-Seals that block our energy centers.  Arch Angel Metatron and Arch Angel Michael are now helping everyone who is ready to move forward remove these Seals. Carol is a spiritual teacher and an Avesa/Reiki Master who works with the Arch Angels to remove these blocks so you may live your best life! Sale 20.00

St. Germaine and the violet flame.jpg

Violet Flame Clearing. Total Clearing of All Timelines with St. Germaine!   

St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, takes you into the heart of the Violet Flame for this clearing session.  Carol's Highest Self is of the Violet Flame.  It is her great honor to share this wisdom with you. Sale $33.00

"The J-seal removal and healing session with Carol brought about an immediate and lasting shift in my frequency. The clearing was remarkably potent and I feel empowered now to take control of my health which I have been struggling to heal on my own. I'm more confident working with Archangels Metatron and Michael, the dragons, and my galactic healing teams to continue the clearing process and I'm eternally grateful to Carol for this experience! If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads and you're ready to become more aware of what's been holding you back, I can't recommend Carol's J-seal clearing enough. You will get the healing and direction you didn't know you needed!"
                                                - A. Woolaw


I cannot believe how relaxed I feel!  It's amazing!  Such a difference!  Everyone should get this healing from you.  It is a great combination, feeling very blissed and blessed!  Thank you! 
-Suzanne H.

Avesa Quantum Healing TM Session

In Person or Distance Healings

Avesa is an ancient healing practice that utilizes the power of Crystalline Pyramids and Egyptian Healing Rods to offer alignment with one's soul energy and promote harmony and balance within one's life! This session can be augmented with Reiki, Violet Flame Clearing or another Modalities.  Just ask. There is no additional charge.  $55.00, original price

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Reiki Session

A Traditional Reiki session brings about a beautiful balancing of the chakras and facilitates a sense of well being in heart, mind, body and spirit. 1 hour session $55.00

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Dragon Clearings

Dragons are Divine Beings of Light who can assist us in clearing lower energies from our bodies.  This is a powerful experience that will leave you feeling brand new.  Get a Dragon reboot today! I hr. session Sale $60.00 Original Price $60.00

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