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Sacred Avalon Faerie Retreat

Sacred Avalon Fairy Retreat Option 1 Attend both days $222.00

Sacred Avalon Fairy Retreat 1 Day Option $111.00

Sacred Avalon Fairy Retreat
Glastonbury, England


September 13-15, 2019!

Are you drawn to the wonder of nature? Does the thought of communing with fairies in one of the most mystical places on earth make your soul sing? Come, join author Carol Weakland on a magical, one of a kind retreat in the ancient isle of Avalon, land of fairies! Fairies are the guardians of Nature and they have so much to share with us!

Do you long to re-establish a special connection to Nature and delight in the magic found coursing through every breeze, sun beam, lake and rock?

Do the mysteries of Mother Earth and the divine feminine whisper to you day and night?

Are you stuck in a rut, tired of the same schedule, day in and day out?

Is it healing you seek – of the heart, mind, body and spirit?

The Sacred Avalon Fairy Retreat is your answer! And here’s why…

Imagine waking up to a cool dewy morning at one of the world’s most sacred and legendary sites – Glastonbury, England. The air is fresh and full of promise. Our group is meeting in what many believe to be Avalon, the land of fairies!

Allow the spring breeze to ignite your spirit as you hike the Glastonbury countryside and marvel in her spiritual landmarks, including ancient druidic oaks, Gog and Magog, the Chalice Well Gardens, Wearyall Hill, the Abby and the legendary Tor! 

Carol Weakland, who has celebrated Avalon and its faerie teachings most of her life, will remind us of Glastonbury history, local lore and provide us with special incite made possible by guidance from the Fairies (Fae). Carol will lead us through guided meditations and Avalon rituals. The Fairies are calling you! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience their magic first hand!

And finally, envision the laughter and joie-de-vivre you spontaneously share with other compassionate, creative and enthusiastic people who have joined you for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure in fairy bliss!

Friday September 13th afternoon and evening

Carol will offer each participant a fairy reading at Glastonbury Holiday Homes. This is a beautiful way to begin the retreat. It will help you align to the fairies, and offer any messages that will help you to connect with them and their guidance. If you cannot attend Friday, this scheduled another time.

Day One Saturday September 14, 10:00 am Full Moon
Carol, author of the Morgen of Avalon series and Sacred Avalon, the Carol Weakland Sacred Avalon Faerie Whisperer youtube channel will lead a weekend retreat that allows participants to learn about and experience fairies in the magical landscape of Avalon through discussion, exploration, guided meditations and faerie rituals, some of which hail from Avalon’s Mystery School.

Imagine exploring gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders in the mystical Chalice Well Gardens, the Glastonbury Tor and the glorious countryside! There will be guided meditations and fairy rituals at each location.

Learn about how fairies evolved on earth. Explore how to read signs of fairy approach and discuss some of the best places to make fairy contact, while hiking through the glorious Glastonbury countryside. Please bring good walking shoes or boots for we will be journeying off the beaten path!

We will also learn about Avalon, the fairy realm, home of a Mystery School created and run by a group of High Fae that help humans learn how to live together peacefully. We 
will then honor the Sisterhood (the fairy teachers) with meditations and enact ancient Avalon rituals.


Saturday evening: 8:00 pm

Carol will offer her a performance of her Morgen of Avalon one woman show exclusively for participants on the retreat.  Carol has performed on Broadway with the United Solo Festival! See the story of Morgen and the fairy Sisters unfold before your eyes in earthly Avalon.  Not to be missed!

Day Two Sunday, September 15th 10:00am

We will meet for a morning ritual to heal Gaia, then travel to the Abbey , tour the site and create a portal for the healing and protection of all animals.  Animals are very precious to the fay - so this is a very important part of our weekend. Next we travel to Wearyall Hill, which is associated with the holy thorn planted by Joseph of Aramethia, the plant fairies will help us connect with this ancient medicine. There was once a shrine to Bridget, triple Goddess of fire in this area, so we will work with the fire fairies and Morgen, and Mary Magdalene to heal the Divine Feminine here..

There will be more time exploring the magical countryside, as we travel back to the Tor one last time. We  will discuss Leprechauns and their unique traits.

We will finish with the Avalon Peace Ritual, which sends peace anywhere you wish. As the wind currents are always high, we will revel with the Sylphs who are quite keen at manifestation

We will be playfully exploring all things fairy and connecting to some of the world’s significant energy centers – an empowering, life-changing experience. Each event is carefully and mindfully designed to deeply immerse you in the magic and wonder of fairies, a celebration of nature and life.
Throughout the retreat, you will release energies that no longer serve and open up to new possibilities.

You will learn to engage with fairies and nature in a way that is open hearted and radiantly real.

At the end of this retreat, your favorite souvenir will be your newfound sense of joy and discovery!

Sounds Fantastic! Sign me up!

If you wish to stay in Glastonbury, Carol recommends the beautiful and charming Glastonbury Holiday Homes. The 1865 Georgian cottages are in a gated, garden setting near the Abbey. Each unit has two bedrooms, private bath and kitchen. The garden courtyard is an oasis within Glastonbury’s town center. A peaceful retreat yet conveniently located to city center. The Abbey’s gate is a stone’s throw from cottages.
This lodging is not included in the retreat price. Carol will be staying there!


The facilities include a Hot Tub and Sauna lodge, together with a well-appointed Therapy room should any guest wish to take advantage, during their stay, of the many Therapists/Healers practicing in our beautiful ‘Isle of Avalon’.

Yes, yes, yes--- Sign me up!

The cost is $222.00 for both days or you may choose one day for $111.00.

 Please contact Carol through this page or her email: Morganava@aol.com

 if you have questions.

What’s Included

• Prepaid admission into the Chalice Well Gardens and the Abbey
• Star Gazing and bon fire 
• A private one-on-one fairy session with Carol. These will probably be on Friday before the retreat. 
• A weekend full of juicy conversations
• Unique Daily Meditations and Avalon Rituals


What’s Not Included

* Your Lodging fee 
• Your round-trip airfare from home

• Transportation from Heathrow airport to Glastonbury, as well as return to Heathrow
• Additional spa or massage services
• Money for shopping adventures
• Meals 
• Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
• Personal, medical or travel insurance

• Arrange your flight so you arrive at Heathrow Airport on Friday morning, March 15th.
• If you want to come earlier or stay later, that’s fine. Just let me know, and I’ll help you with the details.

Your Retreat Leader

Fairy Whisperer Carol Weakland is an accomplished author, actor, audio book narrator & entrepreneur that rekindles our relationship with the Guardians of Nature (Fairies). From a young age she has been connected to nature and its special guardians. She has spent her career researching and writing about Camelot and Avalon. Having spent countless hours in and around these special places, it makes her the perfect guide. With her gracious, kind, fairy-like way she will lead us into the magical world that she knows so well. She also has acted as a tour guide of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. and historic and haunting Lanterman’s Mill.
This week long retreat is sacred. We will work with Morgen and the Faerie Sisters of Avalon, as well as evoke Kings and Queens of the various Fairy realms, requesting assistance from Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines.

Travel Support 
Laura Wolf is a free-spirited designer and joy spreader. Trained as an architect but has a serious case of ‘the travel bug’. She travels as often as possible; near and far. She enjoys stretching her comfort zone in order to discover more about herself, other cultures and be reminded of how much beauty exists on this wonderful planet. She loves taking road trips with her family while making new friends along the way. I hope you’ll be one of them!
When she’s not designing buildings or jet setting around the planet, she enjoys delving into her spiritual side. She is a Reiki practitioner, Theta Healer and loves to get her hands dirty in the garden. Her preferred way to unwind is to pour a glass of wine and cook a delicious meal.

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