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Introduction to Faeries Workshop

Are you drawn to the wonders of nature? Does the thought of communing with faeries make your soul sing? Faeries are nature's guardians. They have so much to share with us! Join author and healer Carol Weakland in a magical celebration of all things faerie! We will learn about Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines and Salamanders in their natural habitat through exploration, discussion, rituals and meditation. The cost for this three hour workshop is $45.00 per person.  Hostess receives workshop at no cost if there are ten or more people in attendance! 

Faerie explorers look for Gnomes!
Exploring the gnome kingdom
Carol leads a meditation with
the Air Faeries - the Sylphs
Animal Communication with the Fairies  

Have you seen a wild animal act as if it is trying to tell you something?

Do certain animals appear whenever you venture outside?

Have you already discovered a special language you share with your pets?

Do birds seemingly follow you when you walk or drive?

What about animals that appear in your dreams?

Just like people – animals have voices that are waiting to be heard! In fact, many animals are reaching out to us on a daily basis.  All too often people ignore these signs.  Animals are mistreated, abandoned or forgotten.  There is a great shift occurring on this earth.  Faeries, the guardians of nature, want us to learn animal language.  Long ago, humanity communicated one on one with animals. This special language still exists, if we pay attention. The animals are here to help us, just as we may assist them.  Every person has one, if not many animal guides.  They teach us how to respond to life and its many adventures! 

Animal Communication with the Faeries is a special three hour workshop that will help you recognize how animals speak through discussion, exploration, ritual and guided meditation. Cost is $45.00 per person.

The Fairy Whisperer  

This class instructs you in everything you need to know about fairies and then some. Upon completing this class, you will be certified to teach others. You will also learn how to give a fairy reading.  Activities include communicating with dryads, tree fairies, water, earth and air fairy rituals, meditation and exploration. After you demonstrate you can connect with flower fairies and answer overall questions, you will be granted a signed certificate stating you are a fairy whisperer!  This is a magical experience for one and all!  Class duration is 3 hours.  Cost is $77.00. 


**"I took the Fairy Whisperer class on a chilly fall day, I wasn't sure what to expect as it was the first time I ever met Carol, but it was a life changing experience. This sweet, generous, and knowledgeable spirit is the real deal as she teaches, lives, and exudes love for mother Earth and all her  Flora and fauna. She expertly guided and taught us the information and ways to contact our fairy folk , which I did that day and often since then. I cherish having another way to connect with our spirit world and will always be grateful for that day with Carol and all she taught me."

-Christina Berry

Fairy Whisperers (in training) communicating with flower fairies!
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