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"This is a sumptuous children's book with lavish illustrations by the author, herself. My 6-year-old son loves his Dragon experience and I must say, the enchantment is roundly felt."
-Grey Cooper, Author and Musician

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When you purchase The Dragon's Breath Book on Amazon today you also receive lots of magical gifts!
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This brand new book by award-winning author, Carol Weakland, is perfect for your children,  grandchildren, and anyone young at heart to experience the special magic that awaits inside a dragon’s breath. If you Love Dragon Magic, THE DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK will leave you wanting more!

"Carol Weakland's Dragon's Breath book is a loving message from our friends the dragons. It is an upbeat, beautifully illustrated and well written story of the magical gift of the dragon's breath. It will definitely become a family favorite! Love, love, love it!!!"             
-T. Morgan

"I purchased this book to gift a Mother-to-be for her baby shower. Once I read the book, I ordered another for me to keep, because I was reminded of the child in me. The Divine Dragon magic is felt from the illustrations, words and in between the words. The book is empowering for any child to feel and know that their dragon is by their side. Very positive words of encouragement for children to stay in their sovereignty, even when they are down."
-Rosemary Alcaro

"I LOVE this book so much! I bought a couple copies for my grand-babies who are so curious about our world. They only know what they have been taught, and there is so much out there that is not yet in the awareness of the average person, because we don't "remember" yet and because we haven't been taught in this lifetime. What an easy way for children to learn how to empower themselves. When they feel down, or scared, they can easily have assistance to transmute that energy, instead of feeling hopeless and lost in it. THANK YOU CAROL for such a simple and inspiring book for the children, leaders of tomorrow!!" xo
Deb Heart

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A 10 minute excerpt of The Dragon Magic Class for Kids

 Dragon Whisperer, Carol Weakland, Author of The Dragon's Breath Book, hosts this special class for kids that teaches them about Dragons and their Magic. Learn about the Magic of the Dragon's Breath, as well as Star Dragon Magic, Energy Magic and Psychic development Magic. Carol also speaks on going on magical Journeys with your Dragon. A fun, magical class for kids of all ages!

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15 Minutes of Dragon Healing

Galactic Shaman, Dragon Whisperer and Reiki Master Deb Heart offers her classic 15 Minutes of Distance Reiki Healing, along with Dragon Healing. Dragons are powerful, Divine Healers. This is a Magical Distance Healing Session that Parents and Children may share together.  

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Magical Healing Meditations

Be transported to the Sacred Healing Pools for complete tranquility with these 2 powerful guided healing meditations from bestselling meditation author, Takara Shelor. Each meditation contains beautiful music, ocean and whale sounds, and binaural beats to help you go into a deep theta brainwave state. That's where all the magic happens. Takara's soothing voice will guide you gently into a blissful place for healing, renewal, and rejuvenation.

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Free Download of The Psychic Development Book

The Healing Brew, a magical metaphysical shop in Akron, Ohio is offering an excerpt from their highly popular Psychic Development Book as a free download from their website, along with a coupon code.  This excerpt will whet your psychic appetite and leave you wanting more!

Meet Your Dragon Guide

Dragon Whisperer Deb Gaiadance is offering a free session of Meet Your Dragon. Deb is a powerful lightworker who is deeply connected to Dragons.  She will assist you in meeting your beloved Dragon Guide.

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You have your very own personal Dolphin Spirit Guide, that has been with you since birth, watching over you, supporting, protecting and loving you. In this free, downloadable meditation, led by Anne Gordon, you will meet your Dolphin Spirit Guide and create a lifelong relationship to receive personal insights, messages and healing just for you.

Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide

Animal Communicator Iris Matos will offer a 30-minute Reading 
Iris Matos, "The Puerto Rican Dr. Doolittle" and psychic medium is inviting everyone who purchases the book to send in their questions. Iris will review all of them then spend 30 minutes discussing the most requested, interesting or just plain wacky topics received with her vast network of animal companions from both sides of the veil.

MaakHeru Activated grid with Reiki protection and abundance energies for the Lion's Gate portal

This grid, by Neseejay, when meditated upon brings confidence, balance and abundance on all levels. The photo is not of the actual grid


Buy today on Amazon!

When you purchase The Dragon's Breath Book on Amazon today you also receive lots of magical gifts. 
To receive your gifts: buy the book on Amazon, then forward the receipt

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