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  Love is more powerful               than Tyranny.

"This is a magical book!  I could not put it down!"
                -Gwen Fairfax, Author

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Lady Marian Fitzwater is a healer, although not in the conventional sense of the word. Yes, she tends bloody noses, pneumatic viruses and even broken bones, but there is something different about her healing abilities that even she does not understand. Perhaps it is the twinkling lights that appear around her every time she heals or the energy that flows through her hands, but Marian is a healer with a difference. Nobles and Clergymen hiss that she is a witch, but that does not stop Marian from healing the poor people of Nottingham,

After the death of her parents, Marian realizes that she cannot pay the taxes on the vast Fitzwater estate. That is when she literally tumbles into her childhood sweetheart, the notorious Robin Hood. Suddenly, Marian finds herself fleeing the law. Diary entries, written by Marian herself, present the story of how she grows into a self-sufficient woman capable of not only healing people, but also saving them with delightfully clever schemes.

This is also a love story. Both Robin and Marian are spellbound in each other's presence. There is no question of their future marriage. Only one problem stands between them. Every ring that Robin offers is stolen so she refuses them. Deep in Robin's ancestral home lies the Locksley family ring. Marian is determined to find it, so she dresses in a boy’s garb and steals off in search of the relic. On route, she encounters the sparkling lights again, who gift her with a new form of energy healing. It will be impossible for her to deny her magical abilities any longer.

Marian finds herself tested to the core when Robin is wounded and condemned for treason. Will Marian throw caution and decorum to the wind and finally use her magical abilities to save him?

Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest, The Adventures of Maid Marian is a book a woman who awakens to her own power in the Middle Ages. If you love stories about Nature and Magic, this book is for you!

I found this magical twist on the story of Robin Hood a fairly fast read; I couldn't wait to see what was next for the characters of Sherwood forest but then was sad when the adventure was over. This author is a wonderful and visual storyteller and I love this magical twist on an old story. -Christina

"Written in a style similar to a screenplay, this book opens up new visions of Robin Hood and Maid Marion! Overall the book is a quick read --- BUT only because it does an excellent job of pulling you in from page 1.
Bringing Sherwood forest to life by including the Fae that undoubtedly live there in all of our minds, makes the story even more embraceable.
To put things quite simply, it is vividly written, the characters are compellingly from ancient lore, and we get a look into what makes Maid Marion who she really is and what makes her such a central figure and Robin Hoods true love!           - Brooklyn Girl

"Very beautifully written! A magical expression of the awakening and ascension experience! A great read!! Highly recommend it the way she writes is so poetic.        -Tracie

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A 20 minute excerpt of The Adventures of Maid Marian, Healer of Sherwood Forest Audio Book
Narrated by Author Carol Weakland

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15 Minutes of Reiki Healing

Galactic Shaman and Reiki Master Deb Heart offers her classic 15 Minutes of Distance Reiki Healing.  Deb is a powerful healer.

This is a form of healing similar to the style Marian uses in The Adventures of Maid Marian, Healer of Sherwood Forest



Free Download of Secrets of the Flower Fairies e-book by Carol Weakland
Winner of the Silver Medal for Best Children's Book COVR Award

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