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Public Appearances with Carol Weakland, Media Press, Carol Interviews, Articles Published, Workshops, and more!


Carol Weakland is an Award-winning Author, Healer and Nature Guru who helps people discover Nature in a whole new light. She shares her love of Nature through her Books, Classes, Mentorships, and Public Speaking Engagements, as well as on Facebook and Instagram Social Media Platforms.
She has appeared on Superpower Experts, The Kevin Moore Show, Share Your Light Sunday with Gervais Wright, Forever Consciousness Research Channel, Positive Perspectives Radio with Melinda Carver, Mark's Motivational Podcast, Reset Yourself, Amelia Bujar's Politics, Books and Me, Dragon Thunder Summit, WYTV, WFMJ and WKBN.
Carol's articles have appeared in Karen Kay's "Fae Magazine," "Creative Barbwire," and "Sunday Surprise," as well as other Magazines.


Everything Is MagicalCarol Weakland Interviewed by Ayn Cates Sullivan
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