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 New! The Dragon Whisperer and the Fairy Whisperer are now being offered as four week classes for the low cost of $15.00 a class session. That is $60.00 total per class.  You will receive recordings of the fabulous zoom classes!

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1st of 4 weeks payment plan
Pay in Full Dragon Class
Pay in Full Fairy Class

I HIGHLY recommend taking the Dragon Whisperer class! This class will teach you what you need to know about dragons and how to work with them. You will not only learn about the various types of dragons ,and their powerful magical and healing abilities, you will have the opportunity to meet your dragon. If you have ever wondered if dragons are real, this class is for you!
Tina M.


Did you know that every
flower has an elemental spirit
as well as a host of fairies who work with it. Learn about flower fairies and their joyous magic - in this prerecorded 1 and a half hour online class.  We will learn how to connect with the flower and its fairies, the different gifts each flower holds, the magic of flower essential oils, teas and much more!  1 and a half hours. Cost $44.00
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The Magic of Trees Zoom Class

This is an informative, explorative class that helps us to connect with tree spirits and the fairies who work with and support the tree, all of whom are extremely magical beings. $44.00

Here are some of the things we will cover in this class:

  1. Tree Spirit/ Fairy Meditation – Connect with tree and fae, sit in quiet meditation.  Trees are so wise. Absorb the information they provide.  (Slow breath, tune in) Hug the tree. Send it white light from your heart to Tree’s heart

  2. Magical Partner – Once you become friends, the tree will often agree to assist you in magical endeavors

  3. Tree Healing – Every tree has its own unique healing benefits. List of different tree gifts is provided

  4. Tree Ritual – Soul Retrieval

  5. Wands – Spells

  6. Tree Divination – Ogam and Rune

  7. Tree Aromatherapy and Incense – Cedar, Eucalyptus, frankincense, sandlewood and myrrh

  8. Tree Medicine – Aspirin from Willow Bark, Eucalyptus clears congestion and respiratory illness. Cedar is antifungal, Cinnamon lowers blood sugar

  9. Tree Food Magic – Eating nuts such as pecans, walnuts hazelnuts, fruit like apples, peaches, cherries, dates fills you with that trees magic

  10. Distance Tree Magic – Call tree to mind, ask for guidance assistance

  11. Tree Homeopathic Essences – tree blossom possess vibration of the tree. Bach Flower Remedy – Oak, Elm, White Chestnut

The magic of mountains class
Did you know that every mountain has a spirit with a divine blue print? They also have their own energetic grid system that connects with Earth's leylines that creates high powered magic! Learn about Mountains and their magic in this one hour class. $44.00


The Fairy Whisperer Traditional Online Class

This class instructs you in everything you need to know about fairies in order to teach others.  Activities include learning about and communicating with water, earth, fire and air, tree, plant and flower fairies, enacting fairy rituals, meditations and exploration. We focus on the different kinds of flower, plant and trees fairies, their magical properties and special gifts.  You will learn fairy approved gardening techniques and how to create a real fairy garden.  Upon completion of the class, you will be tested on your knowledge of everything fairy.  Once you have successfully demonstrated your expertise, you will be granted a signed certificate stating you are a Fairy Whisperer!  This is a magical experience for one and all!  Class duration is 3 hours.  $77.00

The magic of dragons zoom class $21.00


Join me  for a wonderful glimpse into the magical world of Dragons.  These spiritual wonders are here to help us navigate and empower the ascension process. Each of us is gifted with a dragon guide.  This class will help you understand not only how to connect with him/her, but also how to work with their elemental magic - such as the powerful dragon's breath.  We will engage in ritual, lively discussion and so much more! Sign up today! Originally$33.00 now $21.00

The Magic of Mermaids Online  Class


Learn all about these magical guardians of the oceans and her inhabitants in this 1 hour zoom class! $15.00

Mermaids are reaching out to us right now. They need our assistance in cleaning the oceans of refuse, as well as healing all sea life, and reactivating the underwater ley lines. Learn about the different kinds of mermaid magic, as well as the mermaid Mystery School and so much more! Originally $33.00 . For Dec. $15.00!

Introduction to Fairies  

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Animal Fairy Wisdom Keepers

Fairies act as guardians to animals. This is a sacred relationship they want to share with humans. At one time humans, fairies, animals and plants all communicated with ease.  It is time we bring back that line of communication and with it the wisdom each animal possesses. We will explore Animal Soul Contracts, Animal communication, Animal Fairy Wisdom and Ways We Can Serve Animals.  There are also rituals and meditations This class will help you deepen your connection with all animals and learn how to interpret their unique means of speech. Sign up today! Reg. $33.00 For Dec. $21.00

Do you love Fairies? Would you like to learn more about them? If so, this is the class for you!

Carol the Fairy Whisperer will teach you about Salamanders, Undines, Gnomes and Sylphs in this magical class filled with rituals, meditations and discussion. Click the button to sign up ! Reg. $33.00 For Dec. $21.00