I am an actress, author, audio book narrator and story-teller who performs over twenty one woman shows based on famous literature. I also work in film, television, commercial and voice overs.

Height: 5”2

Weight: 100

Hair Color: Red

Eyes Color: Blue

Location: New York

About Me

One Woman Shows
Special Skills

Romeo and Juliet - Coming soon!

The Belle of Amherst

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The Adventures of Maid Marion

Pride and Prejudice

The Scarlet Letter

The Turn of the Screw

Wuthering Heights

The Cricket on the Hearth

Morgen of Avalon

Jane Eyre

New! The Lord of the Rings performed by Galadriel

Magical Ireland: Tales of Leprechauns, Ghosts and the Shee

Coming soon! Guenevere, Queen of Camelot





Cafaro Corpporation/Holly, the Elf/ 2017

Lead actress

Postali/Pittsburgh Family Law Video/Adoption Agency Rep./2016


River Knoll Productions/ Carol, Cancer Patient/2017



New York Dreams/ Andrea/ Pacific Future Films/2020


Cruel Sister /  Kathleen / James Ahearn /  2019

The Wood Nymph/ Moonbeam /Cleveland Institute of Art/ 2018

Overdue/ Dorothy/ Steven Folker Productions/2018

A Murder Party/ Connie/ Angelina Walsh Productions/ 2017 (performed as Carol Fay)  


Side Hustle/ Hillary/ Skip Thomas Productions/ 2017 

Morgen of Avalon Book Trailer/ Morgen/ 2017

I am a Reiki Healer and a Celtic Shaman. I work with nature spirits. I am extremely gifted with animals.  I also sing, as well as play Piano and Clarinet


Voice/ Janice Cavalier, Instructor

Youngstown State University/ BFA Acting, MA English

Classical/Frances Pendleton

Audio Book Narration /Krystal Wascher

Storytelling Programs for the Young and Young at Heart

-Tinkerbell performs the story of Peter Pan

-  Professor McGonagall performs Tales from the Wizarding World of - Harry Potter

-The Queen of Hearts performs Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

- The Wizard of Oz performed by Glinda or The Wicked Witch

New! The Snow Queen 

- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe performed by Queen Lucy or the White Witch

-Holly, the Elf of Good Cheer

Mrs. Claus (Traditional)

Coming soon - Cinderella's Faerie Godmother

Coming soon - Mary Poppins


United Solo Festival /The Cricket on the Hearth

The Belle of Amherst/ Emily/ The Lyceum

The Victorian Players/Camille/Marguerite

Great Expectations/The Arthurian Trilogy Part 1/Morgen

Great Expectations/A Midsummer Night's Dream/Titania

Oakland Center for the Arts/Lettice and Lovage/ Lettice

Trumbull New Theater/ The Taming of the Shrew/Kate

Trumbull New Theater/The Elephant Man/ Mrs. Kenndal

Shenango Inn Dinner Theater/The Sound of Music/ Elsa Schraeder

Youngstown Playhouse/The Importance of Being Earnest/Gwendoline

Youngstown Playhouse/A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine/Gino/Harpo

Youngstown State University/A Streetcar Named Desire/Blanche

Youngstown State University/A Delicate Balance/Claire

Youngstown State University/The Merchant of Venice/Portia

Canfield Summer Stock/Camelot/Guenevere

Youngstown Playhouse/A Christmas Carol/Carol/Narrator

Audio Book Narration

Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell/ Narrator/Prod

Reincarnations of Marisa/ Narrator/Producer

The Dawn of Light and Other Poems/Narrator/

Have you Ever Seen An Alligator In Your Back Yard/ Narrator/Producer

Merlin, Morgan Le Fay and the Magic of Camelot/Narrator/Producer

Catching Snowflakes and Other Poems/Narrator

Where is God, Mommy?/Narrator/Producer

Tantric Sex/ Narrator/Producer

Ocean's Lullaby and Other Poems/ Narrator/Producer