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Nature Kundalini Activation Technique

The Nature Kundalini Activation Technique combines ancient yogic practices with the incredible transformational power of Nature into one 8-week course that will help you relieve stress, deep cleanse your aura, activate your 10-body system, increase your ability to make decisions and move forward with integrity on your Highest Mission, activate abundance and wealth within your Being and so much more!

I created this course after daily witnessing my mother robbed of her precious memories through an ongoing bout with Alzheimer's Disease. My emotions were raw, and I needed something to lift me beyond the pain and the sorrow, so I began to study the Kundalini Activation Technique with Master Teacher, Aurora Ray. The effect was so powerful. I felt my aura expand dramatically and I began to receive Divine Messages with greater frequency. As a Nature Guru, I began practicing outside, and the beauty of the Natural World added immeasurable insight, frequency and scope.

I offer one online class a week for 8 weeks. The classes are pre-recorded in Nature so you may practice the technique anytime you wish. The cost is $120.00 a month or $30.00 per week.

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I have always been enthralled by Nature!  Even at the tender age of six years old I was found pouring over the pages of Ranger Rick.  As the years passed, she began hiking through the forests of my beloved Canfield, Ohio and writing stories filled with the wonders of Nature.  Imagine my joy when I became a Naturalist Interpreter years later, sharing my love for Nature with children and adults.  
Nature even makes its way into my books.  I am, in fact, a certified Nature Guru. Scroll down for the new Nature Kundalini Activation Technique, as well as the Nature Speak classes for adults and teens.
Here are my current classes for children. They can be watched as videos or attended live through zoom or in person appearances.  Contact me at:  


Meet Carol, the Nature Detective


Nature Adventures for Kids 3-5 years old

Nature Adventures: Where are the Animals?
Video 14 minutes. $7.00

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NEW! Kids ages 3-5 join Carol, the Nature Detective on a new adventure! This time the animals are disappearing.  It is up to our young Nature Adventurers to save them.  Nature Fun for Everyone!
This is a 14-minute-long video.  $7.00

Nature Adventures: Where are the Fish and their Water Friends?
September 16 at 6pm EST

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NEW! Kids ages 3-5 will join Carol, the Nature Detective on an adventure to find the fish and their water friends! Our water friends are lost. The Dolphins are asking the young Nature Adventurers for help in finding them. Nature Fun for Everyone!
This is a 20 minute zoom event.  I will send you a link.  $10.00

NEW! Nature Adventures: What happened to the Bugs?
September 23, 6pm EST
or order the video for $5.00!

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Kids ages 3-5 will join Carol, The Nature Detective, on an adventure.  Bugs are disappearing too!  It is up to our brave nature adventurers to save them. Nature Fun for Everyone!  
This is a 12 minute long zoom event.  I will send you a link.  $5.00

Can't make it?  Get the class video!

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Nature Adventures: Where are the Birds? 
Video Class

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NEW! Kids ages 3-5  join Carol, the Nature Detective, on an interactive adventure to save the Birds! Birds are disappearing everywhere. It is up to the young Nature Adventurers to find and save them! Nature Fun for everyone!
This is a twelve-minute-long video. $5.00

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Nature Adventures Kids ages 6-12!

September 9th, 5pm EST

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Kids ages 6-12 will follow Carol Weakland, the Nature Detective, into the Underwater kingdom to help save the fish!  Someone is polluting the waterways with all kinds of junk, making it difficult for fish to breath.  Enter the Nature Adventurers to find clues to solve this horrible crime! $15.00

September 16th, 5pm EST

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ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE? Kids ages 6-12 will follow Carol Weakland, the Nature Detective, on a mission to save the Insects.  Someone is tampering with their homes, making it difficult for bugs to survive.  This is an exploration of the creepy crawlies!

Nature Adventures: Mysteries of the Bird Kingdom
Next Zoom Class: September 23rd at 5:00pm EST

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Nature Adventures: Mysteries of the Bird Kingdom is an exciting, new class where kids ages 6 - 12 receive a mission to save the birds, then uncover Nature clues that will help them learn about the different kinds of birds and how these feathered beings speak to us in so many different ways. Author Carol Weakland, the Nature Detective, will lead kids on this fun adventure where they learn to decode Nature messages and use their imaginations to dream up a plan of action that will allow them to help the birds and bring the Natural World into balance.

This is a half-hour long zoom class. $15.00.  You will be sent a zoom link. This can also be booked for a time that is convenient for you and your group.

As the Nature Detective, I will offer an easy, free flowing teaching style that highlights each child's unique creativity and bolsters their self-esteem.

Kids will work together to come up with ideas on how they can save the birds. Imagination is key here. Everyone will be celebrated for the clues they find in Nature and how they brainstorm to save her feathered friends.


This can be booked at any time.  The next group zoom event is:

August September 30th, 7pm EST. Zoom link will be sent.

Are you ready for a Nature Adventure?  Author Carol Weakland, the Nature Detective leads Kids ages 6-12 years on a Mission to Save the Animals. Someone or something is stealing their food, water and shelter. Kids will Decode clues found in Nature and then brainstorm ways to rescue the animals.  This is a fun half-hour event that helps kids understand more about animals, even as they dream up ways to defeat evil.  

Nature Adventures: Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom is a zoom event.  There will be an exchange of $15.00 


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NATURE EXPLORERS FOR TEENS and the Young at Heart!

Coming soon! Nature Explorers!
Nature Explorations for Teens and the young at heart! Begins soon!


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Nature Speak

Author Carol Weakland, the Nature Guru, introduces NATURE SPEAK, the class that helps you gain messages and insights from Nature. Carol shares her special techniques of communicating with Animals, Birds and even Bugs! Students will learn the Nature Speak checklist, which includes recognizing, interpreting, implementing and synthesizing this communication into your life.  In each class Carol discusses and offers examples of how to recognize and interpret Nature Speak in the different Nature Kingdoms.

Along with helpful discussions, Carol offers additional footage of animals, birds and all the Nature Kingdoms so students can practice Nature Speak in the comfort of their own homes before stepping out the door to experience it firsthand.     This is an exciting, not to be missed class!  Adults and teens $22.00 


"Carol is very interesting and fun. She captivated the kids with her stories. I would refer her to anyone for any age or event. I cannot say enough!!! What a wonderful experience for our staff and the participants." Mischelle N.

"Carol was enchanting, professional, warm, engaging and just wonderful.The experience was so much richer and more memorable for the kids, who got to participate in something truly interactive, rather than just sitting still or watching." Hayley M.

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